Wondering how this whole virtual class thing is going to work? We've got some tips and tricks to help you make it a success!

We're working overtime this weekend to prepare for our transition to virtual classes on Monday and with every passing minute I'm feeling more excited - well, excited and scared (Sondheim anyone?) We wanted to share some tips and tricks to make sure your first Virtual Class goes off without a hitch!

Make Your Virtual Class An EVENT!

This should be an exciting and special part of your child's weekly schedule, just like our in person classes! Talk to your child about what is going to happen before the class. Explain that their teachers are going to do class on the TV/phone/iPad/computer this week. And (if you turn on the video feature) that we'll be able to see them singing and dancing along and even talk to them through the screen! Mark it on the calendar. Have a countdown going. Invite big siblings to join in on the fun. The Goal: Get your little one excited to participate!

Figure Out Your Virtual Class Set-Up Ahead of Time

We recommend doing the following at least one hour before your first class!

  • Decide on a designated space in your home to use for class. (This should be an area where you and your child have space to sit on the floor, dance around, and get comfy!)

  • Create a Zoom account and download the necessary apps and plug-ins to participate!

  • If you are planning on streaming class from one of your laptop/handheld devices to a TV, do a test run and make sure it works. I tested my AppleTv today and it worked great using Screen Mirroring.