BREAKING DOWN THE MAT: Week of April 6, 2020

A list of everything you'll need for your virtual Stages class broken down by class!


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BROADWAY & ME (Wicked)



  • CLEAN-UP BIN: Hampers, Tupperware, Baskets, or Ikea Bags work great!

  • DOCTOR'S KIT: We'll be giving Elphaba and Glinda some check-ups! If you don't have a doctor's kit, we'd to see what kind of things you can come up with to make one! Here's an example of things I found around my apartment that can be used to make a doctor's kit: Toilet paper roll for an otoscope, baster/eye dropper for a syringe, headphones for a stethoscope. Be creative! Did you Know?: It can actually be beneficial to not have toys that are literal representations of the things your child uses in pretend play. An important developmental phase of play is symbolic play where children pretend like an object is something else. Examples of this is when you child uses the remote as a telephone, a spoon as a microphone, or a box as a crib for their baby doll. Since being safe inside can also mean resources are limited, this is a great time to start engaging in and modeling symbolic play for your little one!

  • RIBBONS/FANCY CLOTHES: Glinda will be pulling out all the stops in giving Elphaba a make-over! Dance around the room with your little one waving your ribbons, strings, or even hadn't towels will work! You can also have some "fancy" clothes handy for toddlers/preschoolers to put on during the song. This a great way to work on getting dressed when you aren't in a hurry to go out the door... oh, wait. 😂 Either way, "playing" parts of your little one's routine now when the stakes are low and you have nowhere to be is a great way to set routines in a low pressure environment and ensure smooth sailing when you're on the clock again.

  • LOLLIPOP DRUM: I love lollipop drums, they are some of my favorite instruments we use on the mat but if you don't have one lying around, make one! Let your little one use washable markers to color the inside of a clear tupperware bowl (then you can wash and use again). You can also use an array of colored plastic bowls and spoons to make rainbow drums. Want to keep it simple? Any musical instrument will do!

  • BABY BROOM (OPTIONAL: TABLE TO STAND ON OR ADULT TO FLY YOU AROUND THE ROOM): THIS. IS. WHY. I. STARTED. STAGES. There is literally nothing better than singing Defying Gravity at the top of your lungs and holding a little one in the air. Since social distancing has robbed us teachers of that opportunity, we're relying on all of you to make the magic possible! (And please have your cameras on so we can witness the magic.) Why am I so obsessed with this? Because children believe. They have an innate sense of wonder and with that, a penchant for awe. When you hold them up in the air, they don't care that you're holding them... they're drying gravity. I challenge you to look for moments of wonder and awe this week. Ordinary moments when a hushed voice, a silly song, or a playful face can turn an other wise mundane task into a playful and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. SIDE NOTE: DO NOT BE UPSET IF YOUR KID HAS NO INTEREST IN FLYING AND JUST WANTS TO SWEEP... I mean honestly, think about that - your child wants to sweep! If that is the case, keeping that broom handy is a great way to keep you kiddo occupied and close at hand when you're prepping meals, emptying the dishwasher, etc.